Is BookAMovement?

We understand that vehicle movements can be time consuming and, in many cases, messy to manage. Book-a-Movement gives you a single point of access to your chosen suppliers and allows you to book, view and control these movements through an easy to access and use portal. You choose whether to book centrally or by individuals. Book-a-Movement allows access to your account at different levels, from individuals right through to group level. It’s your account, and your choice.

Only vehicle delivery companies that YOU choose to work with and at rates that you have both agreed to, and agreed SLA’s, will have access to your work. This is not open to anyone who has access to a computer. If you update your SLA’s, suppliers must agree to them before they can take another job, so you know that all suppliers are working to YOUR latest SLA’s.

Making a booking couldn’t be simpler. Log on to your account, select the type of movement, for example inter-dealer, or customer delivery, enter the registration number, click the DVLA look up*, select the collection and delivery addresses from the dropdown**. You will be instantly provided with the price of the movement from your pre-agreed rates and the Book-a-Movement fee. Click accept and that is it, your movement is booked. All that remains then is for one of your suppliers to take the job.

When you place a movement through the portal, all your chosen suppliers will be notified by email and will be able to see the jobs that you have listed. They simply ‘take’ a job and Book-a-Movement takes care of the rest. The system sends a confirmation email to the job booker, and to the collection site letting them know that you are sending someone to collect the vehicle. The delivery company then updates the status and keeps you informed via Book-a-Movement. You will have access to collection and delivery information, including Proof of Collection and Delivery and updated job status (Subject to uploading by supplier).

Book-a-Movement has a set of customisable reports for you to access at dealership, divisional and head office level, giving you complete control and transparency of your vehicle movement costs.

If you want to know more or see a demonstration, please email [email protected]


Your Rates

Use your rates
Create different rates for different types of jobs
Create rates by mileage band, per mile and between regular locations


Book-a-Movement has been devised in consultation with a leading logistics provider and is designed to be simple to use and logical.


Only share movements with companies you have agreed rates and SLA’s with

One Screen Booking

Simple one screen booking with DVLA look up*, pre-loaded addresses** and Royal Mail address look up

Notes System

Easily add notes on movements, seen by everyone involved in the move

Move Status

Easily add notes on movements, seen by everyone involved in the move


Automatically emails all parties involved with the movement

Reports & Charts

Easily access historical data and charts relating to your moves

Upload Proofs

Simple access to proofs of collection and delivery from your current AND historical movements (Subject to uploading by supplier)

Secure Payments

Automatic invoicing of all your BookAMovement fees

* this may come at an additional charge


BookAMovement is already making the industry easier for our customers - but don't just take our word for it!

Now we know how much it will cost, when it is going to happen and the integration with Check-able means we are confident in the quality of the drivers who are delivering our cars. Such a brilliant system and so easy to use.


K Colwell

Book a Movement has simplified the way we arrange getting our vehicles collected no end. We now know how much it is costing and are kept up to date by delivery companies through the system. I wish we had heard of it earlier.


J Buckham


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